How many times can I run my tests?

Uhh... all the times. Seriously, unlimited test runs for all the accounts. You're only limit is the number of tests you can create and how many you can be running at once (if you're on the free plan).

What happens if I go over my test limit?

Fortunately, you can't! If you have a Free plan you'll only be able to create one test and run one test at a time, but you can make them as long and creative as you want.

Both the Freelancer and Small Business plans have a larger test limit, so I'd recommend making many shorter, single purpose tests as if anything fails you'll be able to nail it down quickly 👍

What if I don't like what I paid for?

Just let me know and I'll get you a refund. Easy peasy.

Do you see my credit card information?

Nope, we use Stripe on this site to take payment - we'll never see your credit card information, only a token that Stripe passes back to charge you.

What currency is that?

All USD. But if you'd like to stuff some of your preferred currency into an envelope and send it over we can make that work too.


What technology do you use to test?

We're running the Jest Javascript testing framework and Google's Puppeteer on Node.

What browsers do you test with?

Only the latest Chrome available with Puppeteer. That's part of the beauty of our simplicity and what helps us build out features quickly and keep this service affordable for everybody.

Most browsers these days (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, etc) will almost always test identically, and our goal for BrowserTest.io isn't to be targeting the now-relatively minor differences between them.

Can you test React (and Angular, Vue, etc) apps?

Yep! That's one of the best features of BrowserTest.io running an actual instance of Chrome internally is the ability to load a website in it's entirety, Javascript and all.

Are there any privacy implications?

We take your privacy seriously, any and all pages loaded and will only be used to provide you with results for tests you've run.